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Manage Unmatched competitions. Log match results between two verified players. UM League provides the Unmatched fan community tools for managing competitive play and analyzing the results.

New Competition: Summer of Stragglers 2023!

For the first time we're hosting a side-event to an official tourney. The tournament will follow the same rules as Summer of Legends, but is single elimination, best of three. Click to sign up

Summer of Legends 2023 is Underway!

112 Unmatched players from around the world are facing off to see who is the official legend of summer 2023! Groups stages end on Sept 2 leading to five knock out rounds Click for more info

Join the UMLeague Ladder!

Season 19 aims to give everyone a break from the tournament meta. Enjoy a season with some of the more unique and less played fighters! Join now: Ladder Season 19

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