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Summer of Legends Finals Weekend! Sept 24-25 Check out the results so far and the livestream at twitch.tv/unmatchedtournament

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  1. Eruantalon regains his title as ladder champion in Season 6! He and Gibus battled it out as the only Legends, ending in a tie. Will they play a tie-breaker match to determine the ultimate winner?! Let's hope so!
  2. The summer Ladder Season 5 has ended with Gibus emerging as the sole Legend and winner! It was lonely at the top - Gibus achieved Legend status on July 19. Congrats on jumping out to that early lead! See you in Summer of Legends!
  3. Ladder Season 4 wrapped and saw Janusz (aka Eruantalon) crowned champion! With a commanding 5 legend star end score, Eruantalon took an early ladder lead and didn't let it go. He honed his skills with the new T.Rex and Dr. Sattler fighters earning 12 total victories. Congrats!
  4. BakedGoods takes Ladder Season 3! Congratulations! BakedGoods ended the season with a 6 game win streak (five of them on May 31) and capped with an epic Elektra vs. Dracula showdown with zeroskatr12 who earned runner-up.
  5. The Season 2 ladder champ is ChocolateRain72! Congrats! Check out his run here:Ladder Season 2 With an impressive 78% win percentage over 32 games ChocolateRain72 showed how to win with Luke Cage chalking up 18 out of his 25 wins with the new Marvel fighter.
  6. zeroskatr12 wins his second Swiss-format championship! Winter of Champions wrapped on April 10 with Zero capturing his second major tournament victory. Congrats to Chadicular for his second runner-up finish in a row.
  7. Congrats Lucio, Season 1.5 Ladder Champion! The April Fools ladder was a huge success. Lucio acheived LEGEND status by going 17-5 (22 games in one weekend!). Impressive! Thanks to BakedGoods for the fun idea and promotion.
  8. Congrats zgredzio, Season 1 Ladder Champion! The inaugural season of the Ladder wrapped up on March 31. We saw 131 players log 834 games. Thanks to everyone who participated and a special shout out to the 10 participants who acheived Legend status, including zgredzio the first champion with a +6 Legend record.
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