unmatched stats and competitions

Manage Unmatched competitions. Log match results between two verified players. The goal UM League is to provide the Unmatched fan community tools for managing competitive play and analyzing the results.

UM League wants your feedback!

Tournament result pages of the Premiere Unmatched Tournament 2021 and Summer of Legends 2021 Tournament as well as the Match Logging form are currently available. Please check them out and join the UM League Discord to let us know what you think and to provide input on the design process!

What's up next?

  1. More Data: Check back this week for Release Rumble results
  2. Stats: We'll be rolling out charts and stats for competitions, players, fighters, maps
  3. Beta Testing with real users and activating the log a match "friendly" form (targeting later in December). Real time leader board and ladder prototype
  4. Getting feedback! This only works if people want to use it. Please provide feedback on how to make it better!

UM League Founding Ideas

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Manage Competitive Play and Track Results

UM League will provide a bracket manager, match results logging, and analytics (player, hero, map, etc.). Friendly matches are also supported. 

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Tournament Play

The platform will support various tournament formats (e.g. swiss, double elimination), match formats (single, best of 3, best of 7, etc.) and game types (1v1, 2v2). 

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League Play

Leagues and tournaments are technically similar. Leagues will ideally be seasonal and potentially more locally oriented. Eventually the platform will support self-generated competitions.

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Reliable Rankings

Capture league, tournament, and friendly match results between two known players. Players will have an option to register for the platform to log their own results.

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Discord Integration

The platform will have deep, interactive Discord integration. This will be a phase 2 item following initial launch.

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Part of the Community

The Unmatched community has been supportive and lots of fun. There are so many great contributors like the Unmatched Tournament organizers, Unmatched.cards, and the results tracker. This site is will complement and collaborate with those amazing efforts.